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Looking for a company to take care of your inflight entertainment? Our licensing division has access to the latest and most popular content from a global network of film, television and audio distributors.

We also offer European movies from our own stable of producers, with full edit rights and very flexible licensing terms.


Are you looking for a new safety video? Our animation studio boasts Hollywood CG talent, or why not give your passengers the comfort of their homegrown tunes and the excitement of an international music mix from our audio production team.


Our FACT accredited film and video laboratories produce all analogue and digital inflight entertainment formats, including approved Mpeg4 video files now flying on customers' aircraft worldwide.

Our IFE subtitling software was designed and built in house to ensure razor sharp and stable subtitles in any language or picture format.


Whether you need one Hi8 tape for one aircraft or you have a mixed fleet of multilanguage multi-platform digital and analogue systems, Skyline can help you create and deliver your entire inflight entertainment product the way you want it, at prices that won't break your budget.

For an independent view of your needs, call us today.
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