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Content Management

Today's Airlines have a wide range of IFE solutions across their fleets, some carrying a large number of media titles on high capacity digital playback systems.  Media must be processed according to strict specifications for several different playback systems and in the case of digital IFE media, associated with metadata for the crew or passenger to access the file vie the IFE system GUI. Digital IFE systems in particular require a comprehensive data management system and any error, no matter how small, can result in a disappointed and frustrated passenger who cannot access the title of choice from the GUI. 

At Skyline IFE we have many years of digital content management experience and have the knowledge to manage the lifecycle of your entire content repertoire to ensure that your cycles are trouble free.   For more information on how we can help you achieve a trouble free delivery cycle, call us or click on "request information" at the bottom of this page.

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