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Looking for a company to deliver a comprehensive Inflight Entertainment service? Our licensing division has access to a huge selection of content including the latest titles from Hollywood, and a diverse network of film, television and audio from leading global distributors.


Our Animation team has the ability to entertain and inform your passengers with a stunning safety video, employing industry leading CG talent. Our Audio Production team will ensure that your passengers are able to enjoy a contemporary western and international music mix.


Our film and video laboratories generate all analogue and digital Inflight entertainment formats. Our IFE subtitling software was designed and built in house to ensure high quality subtitle delivery- in any language or picture format- giving your passengers the very best viewing experience.


Skyline brings over 30 years experience to the management of your Inflight Entertainment content. We can work with management projects of any size, whether you require one film for a single aircraft, or an entertainment package to suit the largest multi-language, multimedia content set.

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