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Skyline recommends Lazzaro Felice (Happy as Lazzaro)

This tale of the extraordinarily humble and devastatingly kind Lazzaro has certainly become one of our favourites.  Shot on tactile and textured 16mm film the soft glide of the camera welcomes you into a poetic fable, yet Lazzaro does not lack punch or relevance.  In a small secluded village named Inviolata Lazzaro works on a tobacco farm to which his family are indentured.  This bucolic community is sustained by hard graft and sweat, all in service of the tobacco farm’s owner, Marquise Alfonsino de Luna, the “Queen of Cigarettes”.  It is her arrival, with her son Tancredi, that sets a series of events in motion which lead to a staggering twist halfway through this film.  Tancredi and Lazzaro form a friendship so strong that it will cross the bounds of time and space, life and death, great riches and heartbreaking poverty.  The result is a bewitching tale that enchants the viewer with its humour and uncanny grace.

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Review date: 08/01/18     Reviewer: Marcus Bell      Skyline IFE Film library ref: 307499243
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